Marketing a Property for Sale


Brokers at Yates, Wood & MacDonald use many tools to market a property for sale including:

  • Preparing an information flyer including a photograph, map and relevant data which is posted onlline and distributed in print form
  • e-Mailing property information to prospective buyers as well as the brokerage community
  • Listing the property with the Commercial Brokers Association (CBA), the multiple listing service for commercial properties
  • Placing prominent signs on the property
  • Advising the seller on appropriate steps to enhance the property

Marketing a Property for Lease

Brokers help landlords secure qualified, long-term, stable tenants using methods such as:

  • Listing the space on Craigslist, CBA, the multiple listing service for commercial properties
  • Registering the space with
  • Preparing an information flyer including a photograph, map and relevant data
  • Distributing the flyer to tenants in the vicinity or likely users in other areas
  • Sending the flyer via email to several hundred commercial real estate agents
  • Showing the property to prospective tenants
  • Negotiating vigorously on the owner's behalf with prospective tenants
  • Securing financial statements and references from prospective tenants
  • Working with other professionals during the negotiation and pre-move in process including space planners, contractors, attorneys and permitting agencies.

User and Investor Representation

The brokerage team helps business owners and managers make informed decisions about business real estate to lease or purchase.  Owners and managers need objective information from an experienced source. Agents at Yates, Wood & MacDonald provide a systematic approach and the broadest array of information to ensure that the best choices are made and are experienced at working through the process including:

  • Assessing the present situation
  • Determining the full range of options; to lease or to buy
  • Prioritizing the options
  • Identifying specific alternatives
  • Going through the proposal request process
  • Analyzing diverse proposals—financially and subjectively
  • Negotiating to optimize results
  • Assisting in documentation process

Investor Representation

Through contacts with property owners and professionals in the real estate community and a proactive search process, agents at Yates, Wood & MacDonald are able to match investors with the right piece of property. In addition to properties available through the commercial multiple listing service, agents actively seek other opportunities. After investment opportunities are identified, each opportunity is carefully analyzed and compared to the client’s financial objectives. The agent prepares the offer and represents the client’s interests through to closing.